Y 1-6 School Curriculum Overview

Autumn 2019 and Spring 2020- during the pandemic we have adapted our plans so that we can continue providing a high quality curriculum for remote learning and in school. We are currently using Oak academy

If you would like more information or detail on the curriculum at St Peter's then please call school on 01952 387980 or use the school email address: stpetersbratton@taw.org.uk

The following are 'on hold' until after the pandemic.

Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 2 Curriculum Overview

Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Year 4 Curriculum Overview

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Year 6 Curriculum Overview


Y1-6 Maths

Y1 Maths Year Overview

Y2 Maths Year Overview

Y3 Maths Year Overview

Y4 Maths Year Overview

Y5 Maths Year Overview

Y6 Maths Year Overview


Y1-6 English

Y1 English Year Overview

Y2 English Year Overview

Y3 English Year Overview

Y4 English Year Overview

Y5 English Year Overview

Y6 English Year Overview