Safeguarding Policy and Information

Every child has a right to be protected from harm and to feel safe and secure in an educational environment.
Children cannot learn if they are unhappy or frightened, therefore all schools have procedures in place for protecting children. If staff have any concerns regarding a child’s welfare, the staff named below are responsible for child protection issues and trained in recognising and acting upon these concerns.
All staff have a duty of care which means:

  • All staff are accountable for the way in which they exercise authority, manage risk, use resources and protect pupils from discrimination and avoidable harm
  • All staff, whether paid or voluntary, have a duty to keep young people safe and to protect them from physical and emotional harm

Please do not hesitate to contact one of the staff below should you have any welfare concerns.

Who to Contact in School: Child Protection Designated Staff

Mrs A Martin – Acting Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Sue Knox – Deputy Headteacher (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Telford and Wrekin Council’s Safefguarding Website, a portal for school professionals, parents and carers, can be accessed by following this link:

Our School Policies and Procedures are also underpinned by a Government document ‘Working Together To Safeguard Children’ (revised March 2015), which can be accessed by following this link:

The document below is a key policy that underpins our work in school and supports our priority to ensure the culture of safeguarding across our school


St Peter’s CE Primary School Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (April 2017)

APPENDIX P 10___Taking_Photos

APPENDIX O 9___Facebook_Checklist (1)

APPENDIX N PREVENT_Referral_Form_June_2016


APPENDIX L Local_Missing_procedures_January_2016 (1)

APPENDIX G Records_management_toolkit_may_2012___Schools

APPENDIX H Protocol_for_Identifying_and_Maintaining_Contact_with_Children_Not_Receiving_Education

APPENDIX I 11___Forced_Marriage_Home_Office

APPENDIX J FGM_Mandatory_Reporting_procedural_info_FINAL

APPENDIX J Multi_agency_Practice_Guidelines___Female_Genital_Mutilation

APPENDIX F Telford_and_Wrekin_Council_s_Speak_Up_Policy___updated_2014

APPENDIX E Guidance_for_safer_working_practice_for_those_working_with_children_and_young_people_Oct_2015

APPENDIX D Professional code of conduct for staff working in schools

APPENDIX C Sexually_Harmful_Behaviour___Risk_Assessment_Tool

APPENDIX B The_Childs_Journey____2016

APPENDIX A Bruising_of_children_poster___V2___July_2014