Assessment Information

Following the introduction of a significantly revised National Curriculum in September 2014, we have developed a new through-school assessment strategy.

Pupils will be continually assessed, as present, against the new National Curriculum. There will be four ‘benchmarking’ opportunities during the school year when their attainment will be recorded and this will enable teachers and leaders to measure and monitor their progress.

To be ‘on track’ pupils will need to be working ‘securely’ at their age group stage by the end of the year. At this point, some pupils will still be ‘working towards’ this stage and some pupils will be ‘working beyond’ this stage at a level that we call ‘mastery’

For example,

A child who is ‘on track’ at the beginning of Year 4 will be measured at being ‘4E’ or ‘4 entering’ . As he/she makes progress through the year their attainment will advance to ‘4S’ or ‘4 secure’ and may be even to ‘4M’ or ‘4 mastery’

A copy of the Assessment Policy is available on the Policies section of the website.



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