All of the pupils are taught in single age classes. This method of organisation best supports our curriculum planning. Within the class, our teachers will very carefully differentiate work according to the needs of individual pupils. This, in conjunction with a wide range of support and intervention programmes, ensures that pupils are able to learn and progress at both expected and accelerated levels.

Leadership Team
Mrs A Martin – Acting Head Teacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs S Knox – Acting Deputy Head Teacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs N Lewis – Key Stage 1 Phase Leader
Miss C McCunnin – Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Early Years Foundation Stage
Class RSB – Mrs S Barker (EYFS Leader)
Class RHW – Mrs H Williams

Key Stage 1
Class 1NL – Mrs N Lewis
Class 1RBJ – Miss R Bulkeley-Jones
Class 2LP – Miss L Parry
Class 2GK – Mrs G Kincaid

Lower Key Stage 2
Class 3EE – Mr E Evans
Class 3RB – Mrs R Boughey
Class 4FR – Mrs C Fletcher and Miss Z Roberts
Class 4ZB – Mrs Zoe Ballard

Upper Key Stage 2
Class 5MW – Mrs N Marsh and Mrs G Woodcock
Class 5JW – Mrs K Jones and Mrs L Wildgoose
Class 6CM – Miss C McCunnin
Class 6TW – Mrs L Taylor and Mrs K Williams

Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Mrs K Skilton
Mrs T Picken

Teaching Assistants
Mrs V Harris, Mrs S Pugh, Mrs K Jones, Mrs J Morphet, Miss E White, Mrs D Lewis, Mrs K Evans, Mrs S Owen, Mrs K Hall,  Mrs N Hall, Mrs D Lewis, Miss S Kelly, Mrs T Maydew, Miss S Richardson, Mrs C Woolley, Mrs P Nagel

Language Assistant
Mrs L Jenkins

Administration Team
Mrs S Lees – Office Manager
Mrs H Griffiths – Administrative Assistant
Mrs A Care – Administrative Assistant
Mrs S Rigby – Administrative Assistant

Site Services Manager – Mrs C Birch

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor – Mrs D Lewis

Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs S Rigby, Mrs N Maybury, Mrs S Oliver, Miss S Richardson, Mrs P Nagel, Mrs E Overy, Mrs G Aston-Maxwell, Miss K Hanson

Regular Supply / Pupil Premium Teachers
Mrs L Harmer, Mrs R Holdsworth

Supply Teaching Assistants
Mrs J Ferriday, Mrs G Aston-Maxwell

ICT Technician – Mr A Fryer

Sports Coaches – Mr P Smith (Tag Rugby);

Music Support – provided in-house by Mrs K Jones and Mrs G Kincaid and Telford Music Service

Bratton Pack (on-site Wrap-Around Club) Manager – Miss A Smithers

School Lunch Preparation Team – A Powell, E Nicholls, T Duddell, M Mundy

Cleaning Team – J Pryce, C Sherwood, S Lawson

Chair of the School Association – Mrs J Foulkes

Severn Teaching Alliance / School Improvement Link Adviser – Mr L Ferriday

Lichfield Diocesan Link Adviser – Mrs R Woodward

Local Authority Finance Officer – Mrs C Elliott